Krav Maga Maor selfdefense teaches its students self defense techniques tested in over 35 years of experience in all areas of selfdefense, both civilian and military. Our courses are designed to increase the sense of self esteem, the psycho- reactive, and athletic potential of our students starting with the youngest (6 years) to the limit imposed by your own will.
We are pleased to provide the ultimate explanation of the world of Krav Maga Maor selfdefense and our desire to improve the world around us primarily by increasing self-esteem and addressing in a highly specialization all your need to learn self defense techniques and deterrence. Krav Maga Maor selfdefense born from the desire of Amnon Maor, currently head of selfdefense, Israeli Defense University with over 35 years of experience in Military Special Forces.
We are present in over 12 nations with highly specialized centers to provide all types of education and training, qualifying the best teams of special forces
The study of new systems selfdefense leads to patent new tools to be used constantly in all fields of defense, whether civil or military.
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