It 'important to state that a thorough knowledge of the techniques of self-defense implies a training course organized according to the SYSTEM of Krav Maga Maor, structured in a process of psychological and physical growth, progressive technical and emotional experience that only time and the 'Regular exercise can give. Reaching a state of excellence leads to the qualification of instructor. Our courses are designed to satisfy the needs of the whole sector's self-defense, it is civilian and military. In the field of Civil selfdefense Personal sector courses are structured to teach all the most advanced and efficient techniques for the safety of the student and the people accompanied him. The technical preparation is not limited to the learning of specific techniques of defense, it will also deal, analyzes, and instructs the student on how to deal PSYCOLOGICALLY aggression, giving the ability to react first mentally and then physically assault itself. Our joy is to give our children peace and security by giving the opportunity to attend courses specific to their age and psychological need.
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