COURSE SELF DEFENSE The course will be done by Charlye Ghezzi - Italy CEO of Krav Maga Maor - selfdefense international expert on security and high technology. No special physical skills are required. During the course will address issues related to stalking, psychological aggression, various forms of bullying and intimidation. We teach various techniques of deterrence and defense to deal with robberies, muggings, assaults, violence, etc. ....
Krav Maga Maor Selfdefense Italia
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Self Defense Course Children (6- 10 years) The course of Self Defense Children born from the desire to strengthen the psycho- physical characteristics of children, future interpreters of our future. The training program teaches a very tender age of 6 years to respond proactively to situations of danger or interference suffered by third parties. The activity of stimulation of individual skills is pscichiche and physical self- esteem increases and opposes all forms of bullying or violence in society. Grounding techniques help children in the discharge of aggression increasing capacity concetrazione and relationship.