Special Knife is a tool for self-defense, developed by Amnon Maor, and provides immediate help in dangerous situations, such as assault, kidnapping, rape or other crime situations. Special Knife is an effective tool to be used by specialists in the field. Born from years of activity in territories where armed conflicts are the order of the day, is used in melee combat. Its use is prohibited under civil or for any criminality purpose, involves taking a big responsibility and consciousness. Designed to meet the highest standards of quality and tactical, has proven essential in the situation more difficult and tactics. Important Notice: Special Knife is not for sale for use of private self-defense, but only to instructors Trainig affiliates, police, special forces, military and qualified people from all Italian and European legislation. Amnon Maor Special Knife is a registered trademark of Amnon Maor, Amnon Maor Self Defense Center, Israel ..
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