Self-defense courses At the Sports Centre 'AREA' are held, COURSE OF DEFENSE - Krav Maga MAOR selfdefense The course is conducted by Charly Ghezzi - Italy CEO of Krav Maga Maor - international expert selfdefense and high technology security. No special physical skills are required. The course will teach techniques of deterrence and self defense not designed to aggressive action, but as a deterrent and control of the unforeseen situation, acting with fixed or reactions to disadvantage of the aggressor.
Krav Maga Maor Selfdefense Italia
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Self Defense Course Children (6-10 years) The course of Self Defense Children born from the desire to strengthen the psycho- physical characteristics of children, future interpreters of our future. The training program teaches a very tender age of 6 years to respond proactively to situations of danger or interference suffered by third parties. The activity of stimulation of individual skills is pscichiche and physical self- esteem increases and opposes all forms of bullying or violence in society. Grounding techniques help children in the discharge of aggression increasing capacity concetrazione and relationship.