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KARATE SELF DEFENSE - MAOR AMNON Fabrizio Castellani Godan ISKF Technical Profile: Official Representative of Italy to ISKF Technical Director of the Association "ISKF Italy" 5 th Dan Black Belt ISKF International Race Officer ISKF class "B" Writing of 'Instructor & Examiner Training Program ISKF class "D" Curriculum Sports: Fabrizio Castellani Sensei approaches the world of martial arts Japanese in 1968, entering the gym Judo "Europa Sport" of Master Fox. Castellani, however, realizes that his true Karate 'street' and in 1972 he began the practice, in the same gym, with Maestro Mario Morelli, then registered with the FIK. In 1974, Castellani, moves in the gym "EUR CLUB OLIMPIA" under the Maestro Fabio Piergiovanni and 1977 receives the Shodan (first dan) by Maestro Maurizio Di Chiara (FIK). Castellani Sensei currently follows the technique of ISKF (International Shotokan Karate Federation) and is recognized as one of the few "Uchideshin" (Students Affairs) Shihan James Field (8 th Dan ISKF, Technical Director ISKF Southwest Region). The Master goes to the U.S. annually for updates technicians at the prestigious Master Camp in Philadelphia where ISKF follows the Technical Courses Instructor-led Faculty of International ISKF.